42" Wickinator Water Reservoir

42" watering system for window boxes
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  • Item #: FWB-Wickinator42
  • Manufacturer: FlowerWindowBoxes.com
  • Condition: New

Our Wickinator water reservoirs are designed to make any of our window boxes self-watering. Simply place the reservoir at the bottom of the box and cover it with dirt. A 6" tall pipe allows you to fill the reservoir with an additional 9 cups of water (.56 gallons) to reduce watering frequency 3-5 fold less. Water travels up the wicks to replenish water in the surrounding dirt as it airs out. Our patent-in-progress watering reservoirs are the perfect affordable solution for our low-maintenance window boxes and ideal for vacations and commercial applications. They're the perfect solution for self-watering window boxes.

Dimensions: 37" long x 5.75" wide x 1.5" deep

Designed to fit all of our 42" Window boxes and 39.5" Light-Duty Liners.

These water reservoirs will irrigate any window box 6 - 12" in width and 6 - 12" in height.

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